RELEASE E.P “Feu d’artifice”

Since 1997, Els Pynoo and Danny Mommens have been providing exciting, uplifting and highly danceable synthetic pop music that fills rooms all over the world and makes festival goers go wild.

In 2020, the duo will release a new EP 2.2 with their edits of songs from the pop & wave period completely immersed in the typical Vive La Fête sound and atmosphere and with the additional tracks of contemporary remixes of ‘Nuits Blanche’ & ‘Mots Blue ‘and one brand new song’ Pas Changer ‘

Live Vive La Fête 2.2 represents a dazzling new show with visuals, explosive new songs and of course all their hits that are tattooed in the collective memory: Touche Pas, Schwarzkopf, La Verité, Noir Désir, …