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Party! Vive la Fête celebrates its 25th anniversary with a live album and shows

Vive la Fête, the Belgian electro band around Els Pynoo and Danny Mommens, exists 25 years. And that means party time! In early 2023, the band will treat its fans to a series of live concerts and a live album bursting with energy played at all major festivals in the world.


Music, fashion and la manie

Exactly 25 years ago, Vive la Fête’s debut EP Je Ne Veux Pas was released. Danny was still playing in dEUS and found in Vive la Fête the opportunity to create something together with his girlfriend Els. Not only the party scene was very charmed, the stylish duo was also well received in the fashion scene. It didn’t take long before Vive la Fête played Karl Lagerfelt’s fashion shows all around the world. It went fast with Vive la Fête and Els and Danny were surrounded by extra musicians to grow into a fully-fledged live band. With Nuit Blanche (2003), Vive la Fête definitively established itself at the top of the electroclash genre. Thanks to hits like ‘Maquillage’, ‘Touche pas’ and the dark-manic ‘Noir Désir’, the band Balance made The tenth anniversary of Vive la Fête was celebrated with 10 Ans De Fête, a compilation album that is still highly regarded today. From that moment on, the band releases its music independently on the Firme de Disque label. Vive la Fête continues to release new music and makes many trips around the world. The band is immensely popular in South America in particular and the roof is always blown away during tours through Europe.

From 2018, Vive la Fête is completely independent. In addition to the physical album releases, the band also takes care of all digital distribution. It results in online re-releases of all albums, supplemented with unreleased songs, remixes and live versions.


After two years of Corona restrictions and postponed concerts, Vive la Fête was finally allowed to go back on stage on September 17, 2021. In an explosion of saved energy, the band burst into flames in a sold-out Antwerp De Roma and gave a show that will be remembered for a long time. All hits and live favorites were played and Vive la Fête was definitely back from never been away. The recordings of this memorable concert were mixed by Danny in his own home studio into the album Live!. The registration will appear both online and on CD at the end of March 2023. At the request of fans, Live! also comes out as a strictly limited 180 grams double LP in both noir (black) and rouge (red) desir editions.

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