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The Man up north Hailing from the world renowned beer and college town, Leuven, THE MAN UP NORTH started their journey over a decade ago in Belgium. Right from the get-go they were able to play in STUK, Het Depot, AB, Bruksellive and won “Best Live Act” at The Music Exposure Awards in 2011, which brought them to the Cargo Club in London and an EP Produced by Luuc Cox (Shameboy). In 2018 The Man Up North released their single “Transform”, produced by Reinhard Vanbergen. It was included in HUMO's list “Songs Of The Week”: “Their sound is darker, eerier and more electronic than before, this is a nice comeback single.” The Man Up North continued working with Reinhard Vanbergen and with age, came a mature sound, releasing an album worth sharing. HUMO wrote: “The Horrors meets Leonard Cohen meets Interpol. Equal parts indie rock and mild psychedelia. As exciting as it is thoughtful. Heart and balls keep each other in balance for thirteen tracks.” Luminous Dash is also a fan: “Their sound is a combination of The National and Interpol with a touch of Depeche Mode. This LP has international allure and is certainly already one of the best albums of 2023.” In June, The Man Up North presented their long-awaited self-titled album. HLN wrote: “The Man Up North more than lived up to the high expectations of Het Depot, filling the large hall for the record release of their first album of the same name.” —————————————————————————————————————————————— The Man Up North just released their first full album. “The Man Up North” is produced by Reinhard Vanbergen and recorded at the ICP Studios, Brussels & DESTUDIO, Asse & Johnny Green Giant Studio, Ghent. We tried to give you a glimpse into our world and hope you enjoy it.

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