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Carmel McCourt gave her first name to an exciting band. “Carmel”, the band that in addition to the singer, features bass player Jim Parris and drummer Gerry Darby. It started life in the beginning of the eighties and made an original mix of jazz, rhythm and blues, soul and gospel.

They came out with one hit after another including More More More, Every Little Bit and Sally. All of which are songs that have not lost any of their power or their appeal. What is remarkable is Carmel McCourt’s characteristic voice: high, hard and pure, with a ragged edge. With her powerful, versatile voice, Carmel McCourt can switch easily from pop, soul and gospel to blues and jazz. She made a great impression with her live performances throughout Europe. After the successful period performing with Carmel, the different members of the group split up and spread out to different parts of Europe working on their own projects. Carmel herself gave up performing to form a family.

In 2006 , Carmel McCourt and bass player Jim Parris went back home to Manchester and started work on new material. First of all there was a small series of concerts in 2006 and 2010.

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