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Marie Daulne aka Zap Mama is a Grammy nominated world-renowned singer, composer, activist, and vocal polyphony teacher, born in the African Congo and raised in the centre of Europe, Brussels.

In the early 1990’s, she hit the Billboard #1 chart for World Music Album and coined the term “Afropean” as a way to express the existence of the bicultural generation of African Europeans.

Zap Mama continues to “breath” music. For nearly three decades Marie has built musical bridges across this planet while exploring many cultures and dissolving barriers. She released her last album in 2009- 2010 and moved back to Europe to focus on her legacy. Since the release of “Adventures in Afropea” (first album), Zap Mama had introduced the world to her sense of ethno-influenced music and fashion, which was widely integrated into western culture.

Throughout her seven album repertory, *collaborations with Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau, the Neville Brothers, The Roots, Spearhead, Common, Erykah Badu, David Byrne, Sergio Mendez, Hans Zimmer and many others… Zap Mama released new vibrations and broadened musical conversations across borders and styles, inspired several generations to be conscious of the differences between integration and assimilation, and to consider their cultural heritage a source of creativity outside of the western lens. Ethnic style in fashion has been one of the strongest influences for Designers such as, John Galliano Christian Lacroix, Dries van Noten, Kenzo, Dior, Yeohlee and many others, inspiration from a variety of Asian, African, Arctic, Native American…

In addition to her musical endeavors, Zap Mama has worked with activist and humanitarian aid organizations:

Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and the United Nations, using her music and videos to bring about awareness. She’s also invited as one of the Speakers for EDD 2018 European Development Days.

Today, the Human being isolates herself more and more. ¬¬¬¬installed. This made Marie aware of the loss of speech in favour of new technologies.

We express our emotions through our fingers, but we need to shout, cry and laugh! We need to breathe to balance our mood, not only by using capital letters, emoji’s and by “blocking users”, but by using breath control as a mean of dealing with overwhelming feelings of present.

That is why on this Album some compositions are not only to listen to but also to embody and share.

Upon returning to Europe Marie experienced the life- changing challenge of losing her mother to a violent bout with cancer. Her mother was such a powerful force in her life that after her passing Zap’s tessitura (vocal range) physically altered, it dropped one full tone. Zap Mama felt the urge to face this adversity and help herself rise up from the depths of profound depression.

She feverishly began composing new songs, spending countless hours and nights in the studio at which point Marie had a breakthrough. She discovered a new way of connecting with others beyond recording and performing.

A way to become fully immersed together as a collective. Combining music with her knowledge of voice and breath control techniques led to the creation of an amazing vocal experience she dubbed “Vocal Groove Experiences”. Zap Mama made it her mission to reach humanity through this synergistic vocal collective. She approached local communities around the globe in a quest for cultural exchange with the mantra “everyone has a voice to be heard”.

This album is an invisible elixir crafted to transport us beyond our senses and into a unified world. It’s songs not only to listen, but also to be part of!

On this 8th album You will be partly enchanted by the “PUMZI” compositions and also by other catchy tunes imbued with Afro, Latin and funky rhythms, which Zap Mama has been pioneering for decades.

These drivin’ songs are a total immersion to energize your inner power. With Eclectic Breath we are all “in-spired”.

Let’s be zapped by Zap Mama!


Zap has been sought after by the most esteemed and rising stars from a myriad genres to collaborate. From jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, afrobeat, reggae, pop, rock, major motion pictures, commercials, independent multi-media projects and studio recordings, Marie has been fully immersed in every aspect of the global music evolution since her beginnings.

Hans Zimmer “Iko Iko ‘Mission

Impossible 2 Tom Cruise

U-Roy, “New World,” Seven King Britt, “Poetry Man”

Maria Bethania, “Glytzy,” Ambar

Boyd Jarvis, “Alibokolijah,” Alibokolijah The Roots, “Act Won (Things Fall Apart), Things Fall Apart

Black Thought, “Rafiki,” A Ma Zone (1999)

DJ Krush, “Danger of Love,” Zen (2001) Common, “Ferris Wheel,” Electric Circus (2002)

Erykah Badu, “Bandy Bandy,” Ancestry in Progress (2004) and “Bump It,” Worldwide Underground (2003) Scratch, “Wadidyusay?,” Ancestry in Progress (2004)

Questlove, Bahamadia, and Lady Alma, “Show Me the Way,” Ancestry in Progress (2004)

Talib Kweli, and Questlove, “Yelling Away,” Soundbombing III (2002) /Ancestry in Progress (2004)

Carl Craig, “Bandy Bandy,” Luaka Bop Remixes (2005)

Ladysmith Black Mambazo, “Hello to My Baby,” Long Walk to Freedom (2006) GRAMMY WINNER

Arno, “Toma Taboo,” Supermoon (2007) and “Bruxelles Ma Belle,” Arno (2002) David Gilmore, “Toma Taboo,” Supermoon (2007)

Tony Allen, “African Diamond,” ReCreation (2009) and “1000 Ways,”

Supermoon (2007)

Kery James, “Après la pluie,” À l’ombre du show business (2008)

Sérgio Mendes, “Waters of March,” Encanto (2008)produced by W.ill

Michael Franti, “High Low,” All Rebel Rockers (2009);

“Hey Brotha,” Supermoon (2007); “Listener Supporter,” Stay Human (2001); “Poetry Man” and “Baba Hooker,” Seven (1997)

Alanis Morissette, “Arrival,” 1 Giant Leap 2 Sides 2 Everything Soundtrack (2008)

Speech of Arrested Development, “I Wonder”, The Grown Folks Table (2009); “Each Step Moves Us On,” 1 Giant Leap 2 Sides 2 Everything Soundtrack (2008)

Bilal, “The Way You Are,” ReCreation (2009)

Vincent Cassel, “Paroles Paroles” and “Non Non Non,” ReCreation (2009)

Love, “Drifting,” ReCreation (2009) Google doodle for International Women’s Day
Antiballas 2017 ‘Where the Gods Are in Peace” Seu Jorge ‘You and me’ Album Flashback to present 2019

Sly & Robby ”Texte”’, ”Walk-on” Flashback to present 2019

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