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In the middle of the seventies two music freaks, Roland De Greef and Marc Ysaye, created a group called “Machiavel“.

In April 1976, they released their first album (EMI music). For the second album, the group’s line-up changed. Jack Roskam was replaced Jean Paul Devaux on guitar and Mario Guccio was brought in as singer and showman to boost the live impact.

Released in 1977, the second album “JESTER” revealed surprising musical maturity (EMI music).

The third album “MECHANICAL MOONBEAMS“, released in 1978, confirmed the promise. The album and its superb single “Rope Dancer” was an enormous success. First gold record (EMI music).

The fourth album “URBAN GAMES”, released in 1979, is the second gold record (EMI music). Machiavel’s will to move on and not remain encased in Eurock, allowing other influences into the mix, such as the reggae hits on “OVER THE HILL”. But the changes in style caused the departure of the keyboards player Albert Letecheur. The Guitar player Jean-Paul Devaux was also replaced by the young Thierry Plas. These changes would have a major effect on Machiavel’s career.

In 1980, the fifth album “NEW LINES” confirmed the radical change. Machiavel’s music was a mix of many styles, with a much tougher edge than before. The public remained true to the band, again filling Forest National aréna. Third gold record (EMI music).

“NEW LINES” and the single « Fly » brought them a new audience in the northern part of the country, as well as live shows in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and France.

The sixth album “BREAK OUT” was released in 1981. It was produced in the USA by Derek Laurence Deep Purple’s producer (EMI music).
In 1983, their record company EMI released “VALENTINE’S DAY”, a live recording of their second Forest National show.

In 1987, Roland De Greef, Marc Ysaye, Mario Guccio and Thierry Plas recorded the album “THE CRY OF PLEASURE” with the help of keyboard player Paolo Ragatzu. The single « Your Soul » featuring the harmonica playing of Arno. After this, the band was very discreet.
It has been almost ten years since Machiavel took to the stage. The opportunity came during the Francofolies festival in Spa in July 1996. This coincided with the release of the compilation 20th Anniversary Machiavel : “THE VERY BEST OF”.

In 1997, Hervé Borbé was brought in as keyboards player. The tour which followed and the CD were highly successful.
In 1998, the band recorded a new album “VIRTUAL SUN” which was released by CNR Arcade in January 1999.

1999 will be remembered as the year of some Machiavel gigs and also as the year of the release of a double live record called “MACHIAVEL LIVE” by EMI music.

The year 2000 was another busy one for the band, they appeared on the “Glittering 2000 Compilation”, distributed by P.I.A.S. Machiavel covered and re-arranged the song « The Faith Healer » of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
The album “BREAK OUT” was also released as a CD by HK music.
On the live front, 2000 saw the band play many concerts, notably at outdoor festivals such as Nandrin Festival (Belgium) Rock Affligem (Belgium), Rock Um Knuedler (Luxembourg), support act for Bon Jovi (Belgium), etc…

In 2001, the release of the Machiavel double CD called « Anthology » distributed by EMI music.
The new album « Welcome to Paradise » was released in January 2003 and distributed by CNR Arcade Music. A new Machiavel tour will start in March.

Year 2004 was dedicated mostly to writing and producing songs for the new studio album called « 2005 » (Bang music).
In 2006, the band is on the road again and more than 60.000 people will have seen and applauded the shows.
In 2007, Machiavel release a new live album called “ LIVE IN BRUSSELS ” which is made of tracks of the gig recorded on March 2005 at “Ancienne Belgique” in Brussels (Moonzoo music / Universal music).
End 2007, release of a DVD « Live at Coliseum » (Universal music).
2008 – 2009 The band is on the road again.
2010 – The guitarist Thierry Plas leaves for other horizons and is replaced by Christophe Pons.
The five musicians work on compositions of a new studio album and they record the first demos.

2011 – The band enter in studio in February.
In September 2011, the band with his new guitarist Christophe Pons release a brand new studio album called “Eleven”  including the single “Feel the sun”.

Since October 2011, the band is on the road again and more than 80.000 people will have seen and applauded the shows.

In November 2013, Machiavel release a brand new studio album called “Colours ” including the single “Satellites ” and the band starts his new tour with a show accompanied by the Orchestre Royal de chambre de Wallonie in December 2013 at the Cirque Royal ( Brussels ).

2015 – Machiavel celebrates their  40 years of existence, In November a biography will be released, covering the whole career of the band. This will go together with the release of a box including a vinyl album, and of a CD with 18 songs called ” The Best Songs Of Machiavel “.

The band will start a tour with the 12 violins of the ORCW ( Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonie ). The story goes further…

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