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Raise your pints to 25 years of Irish speedfolk by Fiddler’s Green!

Fiddler’s Green have been performing on Germany’s and Europe’s stages for 25 years now and have no intention on stopping anytime soon! They are known for their passionate, super-energetic music and highly entertaining shows that make the walls shake and get absolutely everybody on their feet dancing.
Irish folk has always played a major part in their music and they’ve been part of the “Folk-Punk”-movement since the very beginning, celebrating their very own IRISH SPEEDFOLK. Mixing it up a bit, rejuvenating old traditional songs and adding folk, ska, punk, rock or reggae elements to their own compositions— that’s the stuff Fiddler’s Green is made of. Combine that with their amazing stage presence and you’ll get something as invigorating as a glass of Guinness.
It’s hardly a surprise that a band with such a long history, creativity and consistency has drawn attention around the globe. Word about Fiddler’s Green traveled all the way to Japan, where they have sold several thousand CDs. And their video “Victor And His Demons” has long since passed the one million views-mark on YouTube!
A total of 17 albums are the acoustic evidence of an eventful band history, which led them onto countless stages in Germany and abroad with full-blast electric shows or somewhat softer acoustic performances.
This is a band that sings a lot about celebrating good times in their lyrics, so they didn’t need to be asked twice to celebrate their own anniversary!
For the first time in the band’s history they will be releasing a best-of album with their most popular and successful songs: 25 BLARNEY ROSES. And it will not just contain previously recorded material. The album will also feature two brand-new, previously unreleased songs: “Take Me Back” and “Burning The Night,” , written by Fiddler’s Green, produced by Vincent Sorg and Jörg Umbreit (who have worked with bands like Die Toten Hosen, In Extremo, & and Donots in the past), and recorded at the legendary Principal Studios.
In addition there are new studio recordings of “Rocky Road To Dublin” and “Blarney Roses” — two of their most popular songs — which previously existed only in live concert versions.

At the end of February Fiddler’s Green will then hit the road for their big anniversary tour through Germany: 12 shows in which Fiddler’s Green want to party hard with their fans — because even 25 years later they are still damn good at it!

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